Soi Obsessed (with Khao Soi)

For the first four weeks I spent in Thailand, I looked at every menu hoping to find Khao Soi listed. After a while you get tired of seeing (and eating) the same things: pad thai, tom yum soup, phad kra pao, etc. As they say, same same but different.

I knew that it was a northern Thai dish, but I didn’t actually think that I would have to come to northern Thailand before I would get my first soupy bowl of curry GREATNESS!

For those that are unfamiliar, Khao Soi is a northern-Thai inspired soup that combines crispy egg noodles, boiled egg noodles, and your choice of meat simmered in a curried coconut broth.

As you can imagine, the first thing I ate upon arriving in Chiang Mai was Khao Soi. Over the course of the week I had several bowls, hunting some of the best down to satisfy my craving. It’s one of my favourite Thai dishes out there and I’ll tell you why:

  1. It’s a soup noodle. Who doesn’t love soupy noodles? Breakfast, lunch or dinner. It works.
  2. There’s a perfect balance of texture between the wet egg noodles on the bottom and the crunchy egg noodles on the top.
  3. It’s generally spicy as the foundation of this dish is red curry paste (+).
  4. The pickled vegetables that traditionally accompany it are an awesome contrast.
  5. Khao Soi is just damn delicious.

I’ve included pictures of some of the best bowls that I ate across Chiang Mai, the recipe if you’re so inclined to try, and a photo of the one that I cooked myself for good measure. I’m obviously biased here but I thought it was a strong competitor!

My first attempt at making Khao Soi (Galangal Cooking Studio).



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  1. I’m so sad we didn’t meet before the Laos border so we could’ve shared in the joy of Khao Soi together! No oneI met in Thailand understood my culinary journey. I ate meals with no one to share in the celebration and critique. Thank you for this post….looks oh so amazing! And you can be sure I will be trying to re-create at home now too!


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